In addition to networking, server, storage, and managed services support, CloudCover offers a variety of services that can be customized to your needs. Whether you’re looking to relocate your data centers or implement new upgrades to your existing equipment, CloudCover’s additional service offerings scale with your business.

IT Services and Support Offerings

Take advantage of CloudCover’s custom IT support services and gain a partner who can help your company grow. Our additional service offerings free up your team to spend less time on day-to-day IT network and data center tasks and more time on digital transformation and innovation projects. Not only does CloudCover offer exceptional IT storage, server, networking, and telecommunication services, we also provide additional IT support services that aid in maintaining your equipment for as long as possible. These services include:

Upgrades & Installations

Upgrades & Installation to help extend the life of your equipment using our extensive parts distribution.

CloudCover provides upgrades and the associated installation to all major infrastructure manufacturers and a fraction of the cost of the OEMs. We offer a systematic approach that ensures project success and minimized or zero downtime. Additionally, we can seamlessly modify your support contracts to accommodate all upgrades and new installation of equipment.


Our comprehensive IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD) assist in your organization’s asset recycling, recovery, or logistics needs.

CloudCover provides a well-defined, systematic program to manage disposition of retired IT assets which is key to protecting your data, controlling your assets, maximizing value recovery, and meeting regulatory and corporate risk management requirements. Data security and regulations are a top priority. We serve companies that are seeking a data secure and environmentally compliant program to manage risks associated with disposal of retired equipment.


Relocation Services to aid in your IT consolidation efforts.

Should your infrastructure evolve to a cloud-based or co-located model, you will require relocation of your assets. CloudCover offers global relocation services. Whether it’s moving a small amount of equipment or moving entire systems to a collocation facility, we provide considerable cost savings compared to similar services from the OEM.

Smart Hands

When operations continue to change your business needs a reliable team to call on to get the job done right. Get support and increase your IT staff's productivity without increasing your costs by using CloudCover's Smart Hands. We supply highly trained technicians to your site, to relieve your staff of a variety of technical labor tasks wherever you may need to additional support. Allocate your staff resources smarter with CloudCover's Smart Hands.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you just need the right person, right away. When you don't have the time or resources to vet and hire additional experts, CloudCover can provide you with the skilled personnel you need to keep your business running smoothly. We offer a range of experts and global IT staffing services including highly trained technical data center infrastructure and support staff to a variety of field engineers to meet your server, network, and storage resource needs.

The Bottom Line

By capitalizing on CloudCover’s additional maintenance service enablement offerings, you can continue to utilize a single partner for all your maintenance and infrastructure management needs. Get only the best maintenance partners backing your support needs with our flexible model that can grow with your business.

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