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Third-Party Maintenance and Network Hardware Support

Studies show that typical infrastructure environments are overpaying for network support simply because they lack visibility into options to balance their service portfolios. In fact, a recent Gartner Report found that maintenance costs represent 25% of total enterprise IT budgets. 30% of that number is created by premium support calls for equipment that is not covered by a support contract, typically due to a missed renewal. Another contributor to that 25% number is overpayment for maintenance and support, particularly when end-of-life equipment is being covered by pricey OEM maintenance.

CloudCover provides network services, which include full software, hardware, and advanced consulting support. When uptime is critical to a company's bottom line, they need an expert immediately to solve any problem. Our Expert-only support model eliminates wasted time by connecting the customer directly to the third-party vendor that supports your maintenance portfolio so they can instantaneously bring up all service activity for every asset in your infrastructure environment.

Drastically Increase your Network Support Quality while Decreasing your Costs

Don’t want to be locked into a SMARTnet® or other OEM contract? Our independent alternative to OEM maintenance provides flexible, full coverage that is customized for your networking needs. All CloudCover options include complete network hardware maintenance and support, including advanced hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support by certified network technicians, and access to the CloudCover portal.

Extending End of Life with CloudCover

CloudCover solves both contract renewal and overpayment problems. Through CloudCover you'll receive notifications well in advance of a support lapse, allowing you to monitor and manage your services vendors for optimal pricing. At renewal, pricing options are presented so you can proactively balance your support portfolio with a combination of OEM, third-party and self-supporting maintenance strategies.

CloudCover also supports current-generation and end-of-life products that the OEMs no longer support, saving you significant costs on maintenance and extending the life of your network. If you want optimize network performance while maximizing ROI, then a hybrid network maintenance strategy may be the right solution for you.

Quality and Reliability

Backed by countless of successful customers and strategic partners, our third-party maintenance service protects your entire network and leaves nothing to chance, while saving you 50%-90% on network hardware maintenance. Cover your assets. Save millions.

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