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At CloudCover we understand that IT plays a huge role within your organization and our years of experience in the Hybrid Maintenance market has allowed us to provide innovative solutions to keep your business moving efficiently and effectively. Our proprietary software gives customers the ability to consolidate multiple contracts, vendors and OEMs under a single platform. This includes assets sold by leading OEMs such as HP™, Dell™, IBM™, SUN/Oracle™, EMC™, and NetApp™ and covers systems running all levels of Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris and AIX Operating Systems.

Why CloudCover? Our unique approach to service has differentiated CloudCover from the competition. Our simplistic process for initiating a service request include phone based incident reporting, a single email address, and our advanced Ticketing Manager Web Portal — placing you in control of engaging the CloudCover team the way that best suits your needs. CloudCover will connect with your help desk, CMDB, financial, and asset-management software or any other software that has data that might be valuable for managing your maintenance portfolio. Any API data can be directly added to an asset in CloudCover. CloudCover allows you to manage unlimited assets and asset types: network infrastructure, hardware, software licenses, SSL certifications, domain names or anything additional that you feel is important to track.

Our Commitment to Quality Service includes:

  • Incredible savings—up to 70% off of OEM hardware support costs
  • Flexible and customizable SLAs combined with simplified support pricing
  • A consistent SLA met rate of over 98%
  • A total commitment to 100% local sparing – regardless of whether the item is:
    + high or low failure rate item
    + carries high costs or low costs
  • Superior logistics coverage of all zones of operation – allowing for the parts and people servicing you to be onsite, on time, every time.
  • A fleet L3 and L4 engineers with years of experience in the IT service delivery field.
  • Worldwide coverage with Help Desk and TAC teams
Want to learn more? Contact us to discuss how we can help you migrate from your current support solution to CloudCover.

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