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Third-Party Maintenance Partners

Our Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Portfolio of support vendors includes only the strongest and most highly qualified support providers in the industry.  We fully vet our partners to ensure that only the most-capable and professional companies are represented in our aggregated model.

Fully Integrated

As a vetted CloudCover TPM partner, you’ll be fully integrated into the portal. You’ll also have full access to the portal to manage all incoming ticketing requests – either directly or through your current system integrated with ours. Additionally, you’ll have exposure to dozens of partners and thousands of end-users. You’ll receive opportunities to support companies in our ecosystem and grow your overall contract revenue.

Eliminate Management Time

Additionally, you can offload as much of the maintenance management process as you choose, to CloudCover. We can eliminate significant management time and associated costs, freeing you to focus on your core business of service delivery.

Benefits for all Service Partners


CloudCover has over 6000 companies that are regularly buying TPM service.  By integrating into CloudCover, you will be made available as a service option for these customers while we offer a broader array of solutions.

Back Office

If you don’t currently have a robust ticketing and management system, CloudCover can act in that capacity.  We can provide you with full ticketing management, Tracking, Stocking visibility among many other value-adds.

Extended Reach

As a fully integrated Service Partner you can be exposed to many opportunities that are sufficiently large that you may not be able to address them completely.  Because CloudCover aggregates vendors to offer a complete turnkey solution, you can be included for the areas that are core to your business.

Forward Stocking

As an Integrated Service Partner, you’ll gain access and visibility to the CloudCover forward-stocking and sparing inventory so you can use your own inventory or leverage our marketplace. 

Publish your Inventory

If you choose, you can publish your sparing inventory in our inventory marketplace to sell excess inventory and allow you to spare more robustly. 

Partnering and integrating with CloudCover gives you exposure  to thousands of enterprise customers and Channel Partners.  If you want additional revenue opportunities, a unique value-add or access to companies where you aren't currently exposed, CloudCover is the managed maintenance partner of choice.

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Gartner - recognized CloudCover is completely unique to the marketplace and offers incredible value and control of your maintenance environment. If you’d like to learn more about the CloudCover Model and see our platform in action, click below. You’ll be contacted right away.