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CloudCover Maintenance & Support for Telecommunications

Looking for a proven and cost-effective way to support your voice and data networks? CloudCover is that solution. CloudCover’s independence from the OEM means our customers can upgrade at any time, keep systems in place as long as they want and experience a smooth transition to integrated communications when they are ready to do so.

Your choice from the beginning.

Our customers have the power to choose the plan that makes the most sense to them. Whether your company is a Fortune 500 or medium-sized firm, we give you the power of choice to upgrade what you want and when you want it.

CloudCover provides maintenance, support and services for the latest systems from nearly all of the OEMs. With the power in your hands, you can rest assured that your right to choose is based on your best interest – not the best interest of the manufacturer.

Legacy voice systems secured.

Keep your voice system investment secured with our top engineers and some of the highest SLAs in the industry. CloudCover covers nearly every voice system, including the legacy systems that manufacturers no longer support.

Smooth migration from the start.

At CloudCover, we know it can be a hassle trying to find someone who will support and maintain your legacy systems. CloudCover not only takes on the maintenance and support, we also provide years of experience bridging the technologies seamlessly, so you can experience a smooth migration to the platform of your choice.

Maximize your UC voice infrastructure.

Maintenance and support reaches its highest potential in a UC voice environment. Sophisticated tools in analysis and reporting provide you with deep insight to events on your voice system. This is something that most companies have never experienced—even those with the latest UC voice systems.

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With CloudCover, you can manage all contracts, assets, service providers and data from a central hub, reducing chaos and putting you back in control.

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