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CloudCover allows you to centralize, organize, measure, monitor and manage all enterprise IT assets, service contracts and vendors.

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What is CloudCover?

Throughout the many years of selling maintenance contracts to enterprise customers, it became apparent to us that one of the most common problems was the organization of service contracts and associated assets. Finding contracts, associating assets with those contracts, managing software licenses, sharing information with other departments and quickly creating budgets and estimates for maintenance were all common challenges in the workplace. We decided to create a solution and from there, CloudCover was born.

From Chaos, Clarity.

Handling all the service contracts and associated IT assets can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Finding the right files, distributing them and ensuring their security can be an even bigger hassle. CloudCover is here to help.

CloudCover is a single repository for all service contracts and associated IT assets. With CloudCover you can organize all contract-related data into a single searchable location. Once your assets are loaded into CloudCover, you'll have complete control over your IT maintenance environment. Contracts, assets, service providers (OEM, third-party, self-maintained, uncovered) and data from other software systems can now all be managed from one platform, creating a hub for all contract management activities and putting you back in control.

CloudCover allows you to centralize maintenance contracts and budgets, reducing FTE costs for managing the chaos. Additionally, leveraging CloudCover for a Hybrid maintenance strategy, you'll have the ability to consolidate vendors and contracts to the economic benefit of the company.

Cover Your Assets

Studies show that typical infrastructure environments are overpaying for network support simply because they lack visibility into options to balance their service portfolios. In fact, a recent Gartner Report found that maintenance costs represent 25% of total enterprise IT budgets. 30% of that number is created by premium support calls for equipment that is not covered by a support contract, typicallydue to a missed renewal. Another contributor to that 25% number is overpayment for maintenance and support, particularly when end-of-life equipment is being covered by pricey OEM maintenance.

CloudCover solves both contract renewal and overpayment problems. Through CloudCover you'll receive notifications well in advance of a support lapse, allowing you to monitor and manage your services vendors for optimal pricing. At renewal, pricing options are presented so you can proactively balance your support portfolio with a combination of OEM, third-party and self-supporting maintenance strategies. Cover your assets. Save millions.


CloudCover is your portal for Hybrid Maintenance Management (HMM). View all assets, associated contracts, and budgets; manage all service activity and interact with all your service vendors from a single location. CloudCover will connect with your help desk, CMDB, financial, and asset-management software or any other software that has data that might be valuable for managing your maintenance portfolio. Any API data can be directly added to an asset in CloudCover. CloudCover allows you to manage unlimited assets and asset types: network infrastructure, hardware, software licenses, SSL certifications, domain names or anything additional that you feel is important to track. Alerts will be sent for all contract renewal dates so that you are never left with uncovered assets. Modify assets individually or in bulk, change locations, change SLAs, change providers, and solicit multiple competitive quotes. Upload and associate all PDF contracts, certifications and documentation with the assets they cover. Connect directly to all third-party vendors that support your maintenance portfolio and maintain a permanent history of all service activity for every asset in your infrastructure environment. View and manage all maintenance contracts and vendors, including amounts, cash flow analysis, year-over-year comparisons, budget tracking and savings opportunities. Here is a high-level list of key features:

  • Single Repository
    • Associate contracts, assets and budgets
    • Manage vendors and support tickets
    • Control adds, moves and changes
    • View all current and expired contracts
  • Maintenance Vendors Fully Integrated
    • Single location for all support tickets
    • Direct connection to maintenance vendors
    • Service history maintained by asset into perpetuity
  • Automatic Status Update
    • All contract renewal dates maintained
    • Alerts provided for all renewals
    • Cisco EOL/EOS status updated regularly
    • Savings opportunities highlighted daily
  • API Integration
    • CloudCover connects to all open APIs
    • Help desk: ServiceNow, BMC, Remedy, Heat
    • CMDB: BMC, Cisco, HP, EMC
    • Financials: Intuit, Great Plains, Navision, Intacct
    • CRM: Salesforce, NetSuite, Sugar CRM
    • Networks Management: HP, Solarwinds
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Easy access to more data and insights
    • Customize and export detailed reports
    • Enhanced searching and filtering
    • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Budget Management
    • Summary of all maintenance vendors
    • Sort by vendor, manager, type, OEM
    • Year-over-year spend analysis
    • Spend against budget, forecast
    • Savings Analysis
    • Correlated contracts, budgets and assets
    • Role-based access

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With CloudCover, you can manage all contracts, assets, service providers and data from a central hub, reducing chaos and putting you back in control.

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