How retail client Staples utilizes hybrid maintenance to increase cost-savings with CloudCover -

How retail client Staples utilizes hybrid maintenance to increase cost-savings with CloudCover

CloudCover Channel Enablement Platform


Hybrid Maintenance Solution

Staples can extend the life of their current equipment, avoiding expensive upgrades and getting flexible terms to fit their budget.

Increased customer satisfaction

Using their own self-serve platform with CloudCover for maintenance means Staples is always in control of their IT.

Cost Reduction

Flexible services and a single easy-to-use platform to manage all support and vendors.


Staples is a widely recognized national brand selling business-focused products to consumers and businesses. Staples has more than 10,000 employees, operates out of 305 retail locations nationwide and has 6 national data centers along with headquarters and regional corporate offices. Staples has significant online presence supporting online buying, rebates and customer alliance programs.


  • 10,000 Employees
  • 3K+ Retail Locations Nationwide
  • 6 National Data Centers
  • Headquarters and Multiple Regional Corporate Office Locations
  • Significant online presences with: 
  • Support for online buying
  • Rebates and customer Alliance Programs

Services Added

  • TPM / Hybrid Maintenance Approach
  • CloudCover’s Maintenance Management Platform


  • Cost reduction
  • Flexible services
  • A single easy-to-use platform to manage all support and vendors

The Problem

As is common for many customers, Staples was in the market for a better maintenance solution for their existing network infrastructure (both current OEM equipment and EOL equipment).

They had been a classic user of OEM-provided support but were generally dissatisfied due to inflexibility, complicated and constraining contracts, confusing renewal processes, varying end-dates, marginal performance and exorbitant cost.

Staples was looking for a better alternative for some or all of their existing network infrastructure and they began to consider Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) as an additional option.

The Solution

In 2018 an RFP was released. Over several months and multiple customer meetings, the business was awarded primarily because the platform offered a differentiated value proposition ,which gave Staples the ability to manage, measure, and interact with their new maintenance program through a single, normalized portal.

The solution provides the Support Management Platform along with national network support including TAC plus 8x5xNBD and TAC plus 24x7x4. Additionally, the solution supports both their TPM contracts along with all of their continuing OEM support – a true Hybrid Management Model.

The Results

Staples now has a significantly lower cost for maintenance and support by capitalizing on Third-Party Maintenance. They now have a more flexible and scaleable hybrid maintenance approach they can use in addition to their existing OEM support.

All contracts – TPM and OEM – are managed in a single portal and all service activity is initiated, managed, and measured through the platform. They have 1,500 devices under TPM support, with flexible terms, ease-of-use and co-termed end-dates.

Staples is on record indicating millions of dollars of cost savings and they’re happy with the solution as evidenced by the recent 5th year renewal of the contract. Additionally, Staples wants to apply this solution to all of their retail facilities, which will triple their support footprint.