CloudCover Intelligence -

CloudCover Intelligence

Our Platform's Artificial Intelligence scans, analyzes, and learns from each service call.

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Faster Response Times

No more waiting in an unknown ticket queue or chasing vendor support. CloudCover Intelligence starts working on your ticket as soon as you submit it.

Automated Resolutions

Our AI can diagnose and deploy the correct resources right away. The result? Your customers’ equipment remains up and running and there’s no delay waiting for a free technician to review.

Immediate Diagnosis and Escalation

Once a ticket is submitted, CloudCover’s AI starts working immediately on diagnosing. If it’s not able to deploy the resources itself, the ticket is flagged and sent directly to our escalation team, including our in-house L3 engineers.

Smart SLA's and Smart Inventories

CloudCover has developed a neural network that can anticipate and plan against predictive failures ensuring customers are always protected.

Our AI also recognizes opportunities where we can offer multiple smart solutions for customers, instead of one static 4-hour quote.


CloudCover’s AI works on a leaner and more accurate model than other providers. This prevents wasteful sparing and larger FSL facilities, and energy output housing unneeded equipment.

Risk profiles are built accounting for a multitude of factors including equipment type, location, and need at the individual company level. 

Quotes are much more accurate and less wasteful.

Direct-to-Expert™ Support

We take support calls for all your equipment, including in-warranty devices with HPE, HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, EMC, Juniper, Cisco, Brocade, and IBM. 

No more bouncing between different providers or dealing with the confusion of multiple contacts. 


Maintenance Management As a Service

Resellers are constantly looking for better ways to service clients and improve margins. CloudCover gives you a competitive advantage. With our Maintenance Management as a Service (MMaS) program we offer Channel Partners turnkey back office support, a white labeled maintenance management platform, and service quality support along with numerous other benefits.