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Flexible Product Solutions

Introducing the CloudCover Platform that started it all. Choose from product solutions built to fit with the tools you already own. Explore the additional features and perks of your subscription.

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How it Works

Products built to transform your IT management

Contract and Renewal Management

Never miss a renewal opportunity again. CloudCover tracks all maintenance contracts and reminds stakeholders of renewal dates.

Ticket and Incident Manager

View and manage all vendor and ticket types, and send and receive automatic updates via email through the platform’s dashboard.

Hardware Asset Monitoring

Track TPM, OEM and self-supported assets—anything you choose. View status, location and SLAs for each piece of equipment, and add custom fields to track any details meaningful to your company.

Features and Functions

Explore how to enhance the products and get the most out of your subscription.

Our white-glove features brand your customers' user-experience and supercharge your onboarding and support.

OEM Integrations

Customers, and their sales reps, can view and rectify OEM Smart Net status changes and renewals in a single dashboard.


Create custom dashboard views or download and analyze the information in your applications of choice.

Software Enhancement

Learn how CloudCover can save you thousands of dollars in software licensing.

Customer Surveys

Build stronger relationships with your customers by giving them easy tools for feedback.


Gain total visibility into your customers' sales cycles using our built-in CRM fields.

Vendor Management

Get a better handle on the vendors providing maintenance to your customers.

Ongoing Support

Our products only work if they work for you. Receive ongoing product and sales support.


Build your custom plan

As a partner, you'll have subscription access to an intelligent suite of CloudCover product solutions as a part of your maintenance model. Customize to resell the solutions for your customers.

Centralize all maintenance

Improve efficiencies and drive cost-savings with full contract visibility.

Customize your end-user platform

Give end-users a platform where they can track TPM, OEM and self-supported assets—anything they choose.

Reduce licensing fees

Extend the value of software you have by integrating your APIs, giving you singular access into your existing software and vendor portals.

Never miss a renewal opportunity again

Track all maintenance contracts. Automatic renewal reminders are sent to stakeholders as deadlines approach.

End the service ticket black hole

Customers can request service and track all ticket and SLA activity directly in the platform regardless of vendor.

Custom demo and proof of value

Build or buy? With CloudCover you don't have to choose. We can create custom test environments for all your stakeholders during our PoV.