OEM Integration -

OEM Integration

View and rectify, OEM status, changes, and renewals in a single dashboard.

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A single pane of glass view

Overwhelmed by customer emails? Managing thousands of your customers assets and their related daily tasks can be a burden to you and your customers. It's easy to have things fall through the cracks.
Whether a contract is OEM, TPM, or self-supported, the Platform's APIs can unite them all. With OEM API integrations customers and their sales rep can view and rectify, contract and asset status, changes, and renewals in one dashboard.

Quote Automation

With an API into the OEM’s different data sources, you get easy access to the data you need to more accurately build your quotes directly in the Platform.

Change Management

With an open API, customers can use the Platform to integrate all their maintenance data regardless of vendor (TPM, OEM, other Resellers, etc.)

Your customer, your service team, and your sales gain the ability to request, track, and manage contract data with the OEM directly in the Platform.

Renewal Automation

The Platform alerts you to expiring contracts and sends out renewal alerts as you move closer to expiration dates. It can also send custom-branded renewals directly to customers on your behalf.