Cisco Device Management solved with CloudCover -

Cisco Device Management solved with CloudCover

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Looking for a simple and effective way to manage Cisco devices, including support updates and maintenance contracts? CloudCover is that solution. With CloudCover, it is easy to identify those devices that no longer receive value from Cisco support, which could lead to a 50 to 70 percent cost reduction per device, without sacrificing SLAs or introducing risk into your network environment. CloudCover’s custom integrated portal gathers objective and verifiable data to quickly identify devices that no longer receive value from being supported by Cisco, providing a network-wide view of Cisco devices that will benefit from less-expensive support alternatives. With this data, CloudCover is able to identify assets that are entitled to the same level of Cisco IOS updates and provide pricing comparisons for an entire network environment, saving customers valuable time and money. Below are a few additional benefits CloudCover has to offer…

Detailed Reporting Tools

CloudCover’s detailed reporting tool allows customers to see different levels of both the risk and savings for each Cisco device. Information gathered from this report paint a big-picture to help determine which devices should be supported by Cisco and which devices should be moved to an alternative support solution. If software updates are not a factor, the risk of switching to a different Cisco support provider is minimal. Use CloudCover to leverage this knowledge and contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Instant Access to Support System

Tired of going through multiple obstacles just to get an answer to simple question? CloudCover’s built-in support infrastructure provides customers with an advancing ticketing system, connecting you directly to a tier-3, Cisco certified engineer to solve your problem. With CloudCover’s direct-connect process, you remove the burden of managing your Cisco service contracts allowing you to:

  • Maintain all details of your Cisco hardware supported by Cisco
  • Maintain all details of your Cisco hardware supported by CloudCover
  • Preload all Cisco hardware information for easy asset management
  • Preload all Cisco technical information for easy contract management
  • Open Cisco TAC cases
  • Monitor Cisco TAC cases
  • Open ad-hoc, project and maintenance window support cases

Utilizing a system like CloudCover can dramatically reduce your Cisco device management dilemma. Contact CloudCover today to request a demo.