Gartner Recognizes CloudCover as Cool Vendor in Service Channel Enablement -

Gartner Recognizes CloudCover as Cool Vendor in Service Channel Enablement

IRVINE, CALIF. CloudCover, the leader in Hybrid Maintenance Management (HMM) was named, by Gartner, a “Cool Vendor in Service Channel Enablement”. [1] Gartner believes CloudCover ‘s software platform is the only digital solution that allows Solution Providers of all types to enter the lucrative Third-Party Maintenance business with no infrastructure investment. The magnitude of value CloudCover adds on contract management, renewals, and ticketing integration, makes the software important for Solution Providers already selling and/or delivery Third-Party Maintenance.

“We believe our technology is unique and no other tool adds this much value, this simply, for this audience. That has been our opinion, and with this validation from Gartner, we realize it is not an opinion, but a fact,” says Jeff Huggins, Founder and CEO of CloudCover.

The honor of Cool Vendor is reserved for companies that Gartner believes offers a “technology or service that is innovative, impactful, and intriguing.” Besides just being interesting, the company must also demonstrate “growth and success of their company in using technology differently to solve customer problems resulting in tremendous traction.” (as published by Jim Hare, Vice President, Gartner).

This recognition from a trusted and respected voice such as Garter validates what our early adopters continue to tell us, as they adopt the platform in greater numbers and in broader areas. We appreciate the daily work our CloudCover teammates contribute to our customers and our platform and this recognition is directly attributed to their efforts.

“CloudCover is one of those platforms, behind the scenes, powering a number of different solutions from a number of different Solution Providers. How Gartner tracks down these industry secrets, to make them accessible to the broader group, is impressive. As a result of this public sharing, I expect to be bombarded with Solution Providers wondering how we can help them,“ declares Aaron Zeper, EVP at CloudCover.

We are excited to receive this public validation from the Gartner Group. More importantly we look to continue extending the CloudCover software platform into more solution providers giving greater choice and control to the end users and their ability to manage their IT contracts, assets, and service incidents.

“We know our platform performs. When the software is adopted, organizations love it and can’t imagine life without it. We just want to help more organizations find that. We know companies are adopting alternative modes of data center maintenance, and we will continue to create the mechanism for Global Integrators, VARs, MSPs, Remarketers, ISVs, to quickly get to market, with a best-in-class solution that generates new revenue streams,” says Roger Lindsay, President of CloudCover.


About CloudCover

CloudCover has built the only intelligent support platform that allows users to integrate, evaluate, and capitalize on their data. It is backed by an evolving artificial intelligence powered by machine learning and its own data science team. See your data differently and make data work for you.

[1] Gartner, Cool Vendors in Service Channel Enablement, Christine Tenneson, Illona Hansen.