How to Extend the Life of Your Network -

How to Extend the Life of Your Network

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These days, its tough to manage your multi-generational network because, like most, your network probably includes current and previous generation equipment. Things get even more confusing if you have End of Life equipment declared by Cisco. This End of Life announcement may come at a time when that particular equipment is working fine, which leaves you wondering about your options.

Typically, the OEM will have you believe that there are only two options: follow the OEM upgrade schedule or forego support. Below are a few other options that will allow you to save on your IT support budget and extend the life of your network.

Stay Informed

Stay up-to-date by learning the product lifestyle milestones for your networking equipment and ask questions ahead of time to save you money and stress. Knowing your options and putting a plan in place will keep you ahead of the EOS curve.

Is an Upgrade Necessary?

Upgrades are usually a costly investment, not including the hours spent on learning and training your team on new features so before choosing to upgrade your software, make sure it is absolutely necessary for your network.

The End of Support announcement usually comes long before the equipment actually needs to be upgraded. Even though equipment is functioning perfectly in your network, an OEM can declare it end-of-support. Choosing not to upgrade at the moment could save you money and give you time to consider your other upgrade options.

Extending the Life of Your Equipment with Third-Party Support

If the OEM has declared a product EOL, third-party support can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of your network. With the ability to save you anywhere from 30-70% off the OEM maintenance costs, CloudCover offers many benefits when it comes to extending the life of your network. In addition to significant savings, you have the ability to customize your support contract. At CloudCover, we offer flexible SLAs and coterminous maintenance service agreements for years after the end-of-support date.

Now What?

Don’t let Cisco or another OEM dictate when you upgrade your network. CloudCover is here to help! Reach out to one of our support specialists at 1.888-511-2022 to learn more.