Maintenance Management as a Service -

Maintenance Management as a Service

Increase your managed services portfolio. Expand support options. Provide more value to your clients.

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Resellers are constantly looking for better ways to service clients and improve margins.

Become your customer's first call for all their maintenance support.

CloudCover gives you a competitive advantage through its industry leading maintenance management as a service products that normalizes disparate client datasets into dashboard views, simplifying contract and renewal management.

Help your clients consolidate agreements and vendors, identify upgrade opportunities, lower operating expenses, and never miss a renewal or new service opportunity again.

Move from just another hardware and maintenance provider with your customers  to their true maintenance partner.

Add New Revenue

Add new service and support offerings, creating new lines of revenue with your current customers.

CloudCover is able to service equipment from different manufacturers, which means you can have a single contract for all of your customers’ hardware, rather than negotiating with multiple OEMs.

Offer Your Own Intelligent Products Solutions

Having one point of contact for all of your customers’ maintenance needs reduces unnecessary complexity within everyone’s IT maintenance workflow.

As a CloudCover Partner, you’ll have subscription access to an intelligent suite of CloudCover product solutions as a part of your maintenance model. 

Customize, brand, and resell the solutions for your customers.

Industry Partnerships Benefits

CloudCover works with a variety of business sectors and end-user companies through the channel. We can help you navigate and strategize the best solutions for your customers’ industry.


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Stop competing on price to win your maintenance deals. Start creating better experiences for your clients. Build new sources of revenue at the same time.