All your network maintenance and support requirements can be handled by CloudCover's Direct-to-Expert, Tier 3 engineering team

Network Maintenance & Support

CloudCover features in-portal, direct-to-expert services including full software, hardware and advanced consulting support for network equipment.

Direct-to-Expert Support

A CloudCover service request instantly direct-connects you to a Tier 3-certified engineer specializing in OEMs, such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell and Brocade, among others, so they can help solve any problem immediately.

Root Cause Analysis

Accurate root-cause analysis minimizes parts replacement and downtime. What’s more, there are no criteria to gain support access, and you don’t have to worry if the device is not yet under contract—we’ll solve the problem and add the equipment afterwards.

Multi-Vendor Support

Simply get what you need—ad hoc support, software reconfigurations, patches for known bugs or hardware replacements—without the complications and wasted time associated with the typical multi-vendor support environment.

Your Proxy

We’ll even act as your proxy with OEM vendors, should the need arise.


The following vendors are the most common network equipment that CloudCover supports, however, we can often accommodate outliers or unique/outdated equipment as well.

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