Ongoing Support -

Ongoing Support Features

Let's keep your products working their best for you. With our ongoing support you can be assured that your software remains as valuable to your business as when you first purchased it.


Value Assurance

Your business isn't static and neither are our product solutions.
CloudCover gives you an extra layer of quality assurance with our Ongoing Support Features. Ensure your products stay as relevant and as useful as they were after your initial purchase. Explore our additional support options to learn more.

Regular Business Reviews

If you don’t grow, we don’t grow. We don’t sell to end-users so we’re 100% invested in your success in using our products and services to expand your business. 

As part of your ongoing support we will conduct regular business reviews to ensure you’re optimizing the products and services of a CloudCover partnership. Together we’ll brainstorm new strategies to get the most our of your investment with us.

In these meetings we can review:

Additional Support Offerings

As new people are added  or new features are rolled out to your team, you may need additional on-boarding or training support.  We’re here to help.

Partner Programs

Evolve your partnership as your company grows. CloudCover has several partner tiers based on our clients’ typical growth and needs.