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Juniper Maintenance and Support

CloudCover provides extended hardware maintenance support to keep your Juniper assets operational beyond their warranty or end of service life. Gain direct access to our comprehensive technical support services, ensuring uninterrupted performance of your Juniper equipment.
Juniper hardware solutions

Legacy Hardware Extension-of-Life

Extend the lifespan of legacy Juniper systems, maximizing their value and minimizing disruptions to your clients’ operations. Ensure the protection and longevity of your clients’ Juniper networking infrastructure while reducing costs through CloudCover’s extended support services.

Use CloudCover to help you deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions that safeguard and maintain your clients’ Juniper assets. We offer hardware extended support at 50-70% less cost than manufacturers’ extended warranties pricing

Hardware Extension of Life Services

Extend the life of your current hardware with CloudCover Third-Party Maintenance Support (TPM).

The lower costs associated with working with CloudCover’s TPM comes from flexibility: we create service level agreements tailored around your specific budget and needs.

Direct-to-Expert™ Support

We are your partner. When you need it, we can work on your behalf to resolve issues with your vendors and get your equipment properly serviced and back up and running quickly.

Our team holds the same certifications as many OEM engineers.  We take support calls for all your equipment, including in-warranty devices. No more bouncing between different providers or dealing with the confusion of multiple contacts. 

Access to the CloudCover Platform and Products

As a CloudCover maintenance partner, you’ll receive subscription access to the CloudCover Platform. The Platform’s visibility gives you the unique advantage of being able to consult with your customers on areas for consolidation, co-termination, and to optimize spend.  

This is a key differentiator to all the other resellers or TPM “brokers” who do not have a centralized view of all maintenance contracts and activity, regardless of vendor.