Maintenance Management Leader

CloudCover is the leader in Maintenance Management. Much like a financial portfolio, infrastructure maintenance needs to be optimized for risk and financial benefit. CloudCover offers a comprehensive suite of software, services and veteran professionals modeled to optimize your maintenance portfolio and performance.

Maintenance Management

CloudCover was created to solve the pervasive problem of comprehensive Maintenance Management. Customers needed a better way to control their service providers, assets, maintenance contracts, renewal dates, quality and costs.

Gartner Recognized

Gartner-recognized CloudCover offers a unique and extremely value model for managing all aspects of your maintenance portfolio - Third Party and OEM . This model includes a maintenance management platform for normalized visibility and control, services overlay team for quality control and aggregated TPM for comprehensive services availability, globally.

Global Model

The CloudCover Model blends a combination of features and services to ensure the most comprehensive maintenance Management solution available, globally.

Platform and Services

The CloudCover Maintenance Management Model includes A Maintenance Management Platform combined with a services overlay for quality control and aggregated Third-party maintenance to give you a comprehensive global solution for all maintenance requirements.

Take a look at CloudCover

Gartner - recognized CloudCover is completely unique to the marketplace and offers incredible value and control of your maintenance environment. If you’d like to learn more about the CloudCover Model and see our platform in action, click below. You’ll be contacted right away.