Discover the power of connecting maintenance data to drive your sales cycles.

Empower Your sales and Marketing Teams

"Your Customers are Ready to Buy Now."

By utilizing CloudCover to capture CRM information, your sales team will know when customers' maintenance contracts are expiring with automatic alerts and even scheduled email campaigns directly in their platforms. Now when you reach out to existing customers they will be 😁 for your call.

B2B Ecommerce

By using CloudCover as a CRM or extension of your current CRM, Channel Partners have a built-in e-commerce platform for B2B buyers to directly renew or request new maintenance services.

With CloudCover every contract added can also create CRM properties to use in your sales and marketing. Once customer and sales info is populated, CloudCover tracks all maintenance contracts and reminds your chosen stakeholders of renewal dates. 

Every Monday, an email is sent to all stakeholders for every customer who have contracts that expire in 60 days or less.

Each notification gives you and your customers the option ordering  a renewal immediately directly in the platform. 

Simplify the maintenance buying experience to make it easy for your customer to purchase more. Use CloudCover’s CRM feature to create powerful sales automation with a direct e-commerce buying experience. 

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Maintenance isn’t a one-time sale. But if you don’t have a way of connecting warranty and service maintenance data to your customers, you’re missing opportunities grow your revenue. 

Sell more to the customers you already won and build a better longterm relationships. Using the CRM and Vendor Management feature together gives sales teams visibility on coverage gaps and upsell opportunities with your current customers.

Empower your clients by introducing a hybrid maintenance management strategy into their IT maintenance utilizing CloudCover’s global service support offerings.

Leverage the platform’s features to move from just another maintenance vendor with your customers to their most trusted maintenance partner by identifying:

Marketing + Sales Program Support

OEM solutions often do not fit your client’s requirements as they can be inflexible, too expensive, or simply not available due to end of service life (EoSL).

Creating a TPM sales program can offer your reps 30% more margins than hardware sales alone. That number can continue to grow as reps utilize the CRM feature to help uncover more opportunities for hybrid maintenance savings for their existing customers.

Unfortunately, setting out to establish a TPM practice on your own can be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating.

CloudCover eliminates the learning curve, managerial headaches, and investment in people and infrastructure that are typical of starting a new practice.

Simply become a CloudCover partner and we’ll help you handle everything. As a partner you’ll have access to a variety of content, training materials, and ready-made programs to educate your sales team and customers on the benefits of TPM. 

We rapidly expand your service portfolio so you can provide options for clients, improve your margins, and assist them with cost savings. All you do is sell (and we can help with that too).

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