Ticket and Incident Manager -

Ticket and Incident Manager

Resellers and their clients can view and manage all vendor and ticket types, and send and receive automatic updates via email through the shared dashboards of the platform.

Visibility and reporting

Open a ticket and track activity in real time

Finally bring an end to the ticket status black hole. Whether a contract is OEM, TPM, or self-supported, CloudCover Ticketing can unite them all. When you need support, open a ticket from the CloudCover platform and track activity in real time.

Multi-Vendor Integration and Reporting

Log into a single platform to view all service requests and updates regardless of vendor.

Collaborate better with your customers and provide useful management tools for their teams with dashboard views and the ability to build and customize reports.

Service Management Overlay

CloudCover’s white-glove overlay and quality control ensures customer satisfaction.

Get emergency service gap coverage: When an asset needs support but is not covered under contract or the request is out of scope per the contract, CloudCover will always support the device as a T & M call.

Intelligent Resolutions

All our service delivery is backed by our proprietary artificial intelligence. Through machine learning, we’re improving support recommendations and delivery with every ticket submitted.