Customer Surveys -

Customer Surveys

Build stronger relationships with your customers by giving them easy tools for feedback.

Know what your customers are thinking

Customer-Centric Support

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are pivotal for your business's success. With CloudCover Surveys getting customer feedback becomes easy. Use the tool to gather valuable insights directly from your customers in the same platform they're already using for their maintenance.


Expand and protect your brand with customer surveys. The CloudCover Surveys feature can be completely branded and customized.

Ask the questions you want, the way you want them. You can also choose from our existing templates and simply add your branding. 


Streamline your customer feedback collection process, enhance efficiency, and deliver timely insights. Unlike traditional manual methods or using outside vendor support, automated survey tools eliminate the need for extensive manpower and tedious data processing, saving valuable time and resources. 

With customizable survey templates and automated survey delivery campaigns, your business can quickly identify trends, patterns, and pain points directly from your customers.

Analytics + Reporting

From understanding customer expectations to identifying areas for improvement, the insights obtained through surveys can shape your company’s decisions, strategies, and innovations.

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging the data collected in your customer surveys to enhance your products, services, and overall customer experience.

With CloudCover Surveys your company gets analytics and reporting on exactly how your customers feel. Export the data to help drive new initiatives or create timely reports against company planning.