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The Reporting Tool

If it has a start date or an end date, we can create a dashboard for it.

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All we need is a start date

Get alerts on when customers are ready to buy

CloudCover provides resellers and their clients a normalized view of all contract data, improving your contract management and renewal process.
Get a dashboard that can associate an organization's entire infrastructure specifically, assets, contracts, vendors, budgets and departments into ready-made reports.


Are your customers tired of spending time and energy searching throughout their company for asset information? CloudCover gives you both a single repository for all asset data. That data is also then correlated to the contracts and vendors supporting the equipment. No more needles in a haystack.

View all asset details including:


Get all your customers’ maintenance contract information located in a single platform including OEM, TPM and self-supported. Contracts have asset data, vendor data, renewal triggers, consolidation suggestions, and cost savings visibility.

Vendor Management

No more wondering which vendors support your assets under contract. The CloudCover platform shows all vendors, SLAs, contact information, ticketing activity and performance tracking for all your maintenance vendors.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Contracts, assets, birthday countdowns – if it has a start date or end date we can track it.

The platform comes with standard reporting but premium and custom reports can easily be added or developed.

Our product development team sits in-house and was built to collaborate with you.

Yes. We have user roles for both reseller teams and their customers with their own standard reports. These user roles and reports can also be custom-configured as you or your customers need.

The platform comes with the ability to white-label to your brand but additional customization is possible.

Learn more about our CloudCover Partner Programs and their benefits, including access to developer resources.

We understand that without successful integration customers will not be able to benefit from the platform and all its features. 

This is why we have created a robust on-boarding process and several API integration options to help. Reach out to get your proof of value (POV) started and learn more with a hands-on demonstration. Start Your POV→

Yes. CloudCover offers powerful enterprise maintenance management and analysis capabilities, but you are never limited to our reporting options. Download any data stored in the CloudCover platform, performing a bulk download or filtering data for a specific purpose. Then analyze the information in your applications of choice.