What it means to be a Technology Partner

Integrated Technology Partners

CloudCover has partnered with the best in class enterprise software companies. If you are an enterprise software company that would like to join our community and extend to value of your software for your customers, please contact us to discuss integration.

Many of our customers have made investments in your technology and we want the CloudCover platform to be able to capitalize on their investment and extend your value into our maintenance management portal. Typically, these are modest integrations that will not consume a significant amount of your team’s time but will benefit the end-user tremendously.

If you or your customers want to extend the value of their current investments with the addition of a Gartner-recognized Managed  Maintenance Portal, CloudCover is a a key partner.  A partner who is ready for full or partial integration with your software.

Take a look at CloudCover

Gartner - recognized CloudCover is completely unique to the marketplace and offers incredible value and control of your maintenance environment. If you’d like to learn more about the CloudCover Model and see our platform in action, click below. You’ll be contacted right away.