Increase Your Managed Services Portfolio. Expand Support Options. Provide More Value to Your Clients.

Are You a Channel Partner?

Resellers are constantly looking for better ways to service clients and improve margins. CloudCover gives you a competitive advantage through its industry leading maintenance management platform that normalizes disparate client datasets into dashboard views, simplifying contract and renewal management. Help your clients consolidate agreements and vendors, identify upgrade opportunities, lower operating expenses, and never miss a renewal again.

Would you like to, or do you, offer Maintenance Management as a service (i.e. MSP)?

If you’re looking to offer or improve a Maintenance Management Program, CloudCover can assist. We offer turnkey back office support, a white labeled maintenance management portal, and service quality support along with numerous other benefits. The CloudCover is API friendly, allowing for integration into most CRMs and ERPs, easily plugging into your existing environments. We can have you up and running quickly, enabling you to sell comprehensive Managed Maintenance Services without having to build you practice from the ground up. From there, all you do is sell (and we can help with that, too).

Are You Interested in Fulfilling All Your Client's Support Needs?

OEM solutions often do not fit your client's requirements as they can be inflexible, too expensive, or simply not available due to end of service life (EoSL). Unfortunately, setting out to establish a TPM practice on your own can be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. CloudCover will eliminate the learning curve, managerial headaches, and investment in people and infrastructure that are typical of starting a new practice. Simply become a CloudCover partner and we'll handle everything. We can rapidly help you expand your service portfolio so you can provide options for clients, improve your margins, and assist them with cost savings. All you do is sell.

Benefits for all Channel Partners

Purchasing and Consolidation of Contracts

As a partner with CloudCover we can take on as much or as little of the acquisition and management process as you choose.

We offer you a single location to buy service contracts – at a wholesale rate – through our vetted, highly qualified and fully integrated vendors.  When you buy from us, we’ll ensure that our pricing beats or equals any other price you’ve received, and you’ll receive all the benefits of being a CloudCover partner.

If you’re new to TPM or simply want another opinion, we’ll consult with you on the best hybrid combination to support your customers’ unique environments.

Access to CloudCover Platform

As a CloudCover partner, you’ll receive subscription access to the CloudCover platform.  This allows you consolidate your customers’ contracts in a single location (whether you sold them of not).  This visibility gives you the unique advantage of being able to consult with your customers on areas for consolidation, co-termination, and to optimize spend.  This is a key differentiator to all the other TPM “brokers” who do not have a centralized view of all maintenance contracts and activity.  The CloudCover platform is extremely sticky, and as such, customers tend to stay in the platform.  This ensures that you’ll keep getting their business and not be competing on cost alone.  As a partner you’ll have the right to resell, include or give the platform to your customers depending on the situation or your strategy.

Renewal Management

Gartner suggests that fully 35% of maintenance contracts lapse (at either the partner or end-user level) due to lack of visibility or management capability.  With the CloudCover platform, you will constantly be made aware of renewal events – whether you sold the original contract or not.  Obviously, this is a huge advantage and our enthusiastic partners will attest to year-over-year gains in both revenue and margin simply by having visibility to renewals.   This is huge differentiator and strategic advantage for you over your less-evolved competitors.


If you choose, CloudCover can act as a member of your team to co-sell the packaged solution to your customers.  This can we done on a full-time basis or until your team has mastered the demo and sales pitch and they can run the calls on their own.  Regardless, we’ll always be there to assist and train during the sales cycle and after the sale.


If you have years of experience selling TPM, CloudCover can be a key differentiator for you in the marketplace and allow you to close more contracts and make more revenue with less churn. If you’re new to TPM, all you need to do is sell. CloudCover can give you the team, platform, process and expertise to start right away in this high-growth marketplace without having to take years to learn the ins and outs of the business. We allow you to immediately join the lucrative TPM market.

Take a look at CloudCover

Gartner - recognized CloudCover is completely unique to the marketplace and offers incredible value and control of your maintenance environment. If you’d like to learn more about the CloudCover Model and see our platform in action, click below. You’ll be contacted right away.