The CloudCover Maintenance Management Platform


The CloudCover platform gives you and your customers a single means of managing all data center maintenance activities. By centralizing maintenance-related information and activities, CloudCover maximizes efficiencies and ROI while reducing oversight headaches.

Renewal Management

Never miss a renewal opportunity again. CloudCover tracks all maintenance contracts and reminds stakeholders of renewal dates. 

Every Monday, an email is sent to all stakeholders for every customer who have contracts that expire in 60 days.

Once you receive a notification,  you will also be given the option ordering  a renewal immediately.  If nothing has been done with the reminder, you will continue to receive a reminder every Monday until the asset's contract expires.


Track TPM, OEM and self-supported assets—anything you choose. View status, location and SLAs for each piece of equipment, and add custom fields to track any details meaningful to your company. Armed with a consolidated view of your environment, you can run analyses to identify savings opportunities and unnecessary cost exposures. And with CloudCover’s TPM vendor integration, accessing support is simple and efficient—simply search for the asset and hit the “request support” button to instantly open a ticket with the associated vendor.


Every enterprise asset is linked to its support contracts, including renewal dates and renewal alerts. Contracts can be viewed in aggregate and visibility can be limited to stakeholders responsible for a particular support agreement. Importantly, full contract visibility empowers you to identify opportunities for consolidating and co-terminating contracts to improve efficiencies and drive cost-savings.

Ticket Tracking

Finally bring an end to the ticket status black hole. When you need support, open a ticket from the CloudCover platform and track activity in real time. All TPM correspondence is captured by and displayed in the CloudCover platform. There’s no need for constant, frustrating contacts to vendors trying to obtain updates. Simply log in to CloudCover and view the most recent activity. Plus, with our Service Management Overlay, customer satisfaction is assured.

Additional product features

The CloudCover platform gives you and your customers a single means of managing all IT maintenance activities. By centralizing maintenance-related information and activities, CloudCover maximizes efficiencies and ROI while reducing oversight headaches.


CloudCover lists OEM and TPM vendors for each contract in your portfolio. Vendor aggregation enables you to take advantage of the hybrid maintenance model, tapping the vendors who best support the equipment type, desired SLA and/or geographical area. In the past, hybrid maintenance was cumbersome to implement. But with CloudCover, the service experience is identical for every vendor, so you can maximize quality without managerial overload.

Service Management Overlay

CloudCover’s Service Management Layer is a white-glove overlay that monitors all ticketing activity. Supported by our internal team of industry experts, Service Management provides quality control for ticket management, logistics management and response and repair to ensure customer satisfaction across vendors. See here for more details.

Software License and Asset Management

The ever-expanding options for software applications and their compatibility requirements make managing them a daunting task. It can mean long processes that don’t deliver the expected cost savings or cause software asset records to rapidly become outdated. Software Asset Management (SAM) allows you to gain control of your software assets and successfully manage, control, and protect your software throughout its lifecycle. But on its own, SAM does not maximize software cost savings, and one-time scans do not result in up-to-date software use records. We’ll help you implement software asset management and vendor management best practices to optimize efficiencies within your licensing and support contracts, maximize cost savings, and create a dynamic SAM environment. 


CloudCover can monitor your entire network-connected infrastructure ( or we can connect your existing monitoring systems to the CloudCover Platform). Using agentless technology, CloudCover can search your network and auto-discover all devices and develop comprehensive asset inventory lists which auto populate into the CloudCover platform. This discovery feature also allows you to scan your network for all software inventory allowing you to manage and allow audits of your network-connected software licenses. All information is correlated to contracts and readily available in the CloudCover Platform.

Connectivity to Vendors

No more dealing with multiple vendor websites, email threads, and phone contacts just to get the support you need. CloudCover integrates a variety of TPM vendors into a single, normalized platform, putting all maintenance activity at your fingertips. No matter how many vendors you use, request support and monitor ticket activity in real time in the exact same way. Full visibility in a centralized, easy-to-use portal minimizes managerial oversight, reduces time-to-resolution and slashes hard costs.


CloudCover offers powerful enterprise maintenance management and analysis capabilities, but you are never limited to our reporting options. Download any data stored in the CloudCover platform, performing a bulk download or filtering data for a specific purpose. Then analyze the information in your applications of choice.

Technology Partner Integration

We recognize that you may have made investments in other technology to help solve the chaos of maintenance management. With that in mind, CloudCover has been designed to easily integrate with common enterprise software packages to share data that might be meaningful to your goals. And typically, if we haven’t integrated with software that is valuable to you, we can do so in a short amount of time. The goal is to ensure that no investment is wasted but that CloudCover can act as your central point for all maintenance activity. No need to bounce from system to system to correlate meaningful data. Please see our partial list of integrated technical partners

Forward Stocking

CloudCover is helping to control an understanding of parts availability for replacement and repair. Use CloudCover to track your vendors’ forward-stocking locations and inventory, so you know spares and replacements are in place to meet defined SLAs. Especially useful for mission critical SLAs, CloudCover’s ability to monitor forward-stocking helps you hold vendors accountable for meeting their commitments. The CloudCover platform tracks inventory at over 1300 locations across the globe. See map under Forward Stocking Locations

Mobile Optimized

The CloudCover platform is mobile optimized so that users can take advantage of all features from their mobile device. Mobile has become the de facto form of interaction and CloudCover accommodates with our mobile version of the CloudCover Platform.

Catalog Pricing

Quoting maintenance contracts is time-consuming and tedious. CloudCover recognizes this and has created features that remove this inefficiency and cost leakage. Most notably is Catalog Pricing. Once you’re a contracted CloudCover partner, you and your customers can benefit from catalog pricing. Catalog pricing is a set of predefined equipment that represents the most commonly quoted products on which you’re seeking support. We’ll take that list, agree to pricing terms, load all assets and pricing into CloudCover’s catalog quoting module and when you need a quote, simply log in, select the required equipment and create a fully templatized quote. Should you need a quote on items outside the catalog, our sales operations quote desk is ready provide you a quote within 24 hours. Catalog pricing terms can be reviewed periodically to ensure price competitiveness in a changing market. But catalog pricing eliminates time, inefficiency and cost to benefit you and your

T&M Tracking

Inevitably circumstances arrive where an asset needs support but is not covered under contract or it’s covered but the request is out of scope per the contract. At CloudCover we always support the device – it will be billed as a T & M call - and we add it into the contract so that its ultimately captured and covered. During this process we track all T & M activity so that you know exactly where you had a lapse in coverage and where new devices were added to the contract.


CloudCover is 100% proprietary and built at our corporate HQ in Irvine, CA. The CloudCover platform was built from inception by our dedicated in-house team using the Microsoft .NET framework. One of the main advantages of this is we are able to accept requests by customers to accommodate their business needs. CloudCover is able to integrate with many third party applications and data sources via API – this is critical for our customers. In most cases we are also able to integrate customers' ticketing system via email exchange without any coding requirements. We value the data security of our customers and consistently update our software to match the latest industry standard.

CloudCover is a completely unique and extremely valuable software offering for managing maintenance portfolios. For channel partners, CloudCover offers enormous differentiation in an increasingly competitive Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) market. And for end-users, CloudCover offers an unparalleled means of organizing the chaos of hybrid-maintenance management while providing a single hub for all maintenance management activity. In both cases, saving cost and management oversight time.

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Gartner - recognized CloudCover is completely unique to the marketplace and offers incredible value and control of your maintenance environment. If you’d like to learn more about the CloudCover Model and see our platform in action, click below. You’ll be contacted right away.